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Scrap Battery Prices: How to Make Money from Your Scrap
It might boggle your mind to hear this, but your dead-as-a-doornail car battery might be worth something! While batteries are great when they’re in working order, it’s a completely different story when you need to get rid of one. Batteries aren’t something you can just chuck in your wheelie bin, as most [...]
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How to Get the Best Scrap Steel Value
First off, let’s agree on what is considered to be steel. This is pretty simple—if it sticks to a magnet, then you have yourself a piece of steel! Steel is a ferrous (magnetic) metal that plays an important role in our daily lives. While it’s incredibly strong, the value of scrap steel [...]
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Get the Most for Your Scrap Copper
If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you have some scrap copper to get rid of! You probably want to know how much it’s worth and how to get the best scrap metal price. From copper pipe to hot water cylinders and TPS to clean copper wire—you can sell all your [...]
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Scrap Brass Prices and Grading
When it comes to scrap metal prices in Auckland, how much is brass really worth? If you bring your scrap brass in for our friendly team to review, you’d be surprised! Read on to learn all you need to know about scrap brass prices and grading.   What brass can I scrap? Brass is [...]
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How to recycle your Whiteware
Whiteware is often enormous and cumbersome to get rid of. When it comes to whiteware disposal, the question that many Kiwis have is often “how?” While great places like us will buy it from you, some just take it but don’t pay you for it, and others flat out refuse to take it. The [...]
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Get the Most for Your Scrap Cable
Let’s chat about scrapping TPS (thermoplastic-sheathed) cable, shall we? Firstly, you might be wondering what TPS cable is. TPS cable is most commonly found in the wiring between electrical equipment in environments such as household wiring, commercial wiring, power generation, and any sort of industrial manufacturing. Think of everything that hums, whirrs, and whistles [...]
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Get the Most for Your Scrap Stainless Steel
Have some stainless steel lying around the house not being used? This is your chance to make some bank! Stainless steel is a nonferrous metal with a high value in metal recycling, commonly found in homes in the form of sinks, splashbacks, kitchenware like pots and pans, and more. If it’s shiny and metal [...]
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How is Metal Recycled?
Recycling scrap metal is not super glamorous. Nor is it something every Joe Bloggs knows much about, and fair enough—it is a niche industry! When creating a circular lifecycle for anything, we need to go back to the basics drilled into us even as young children: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. New Zealand has made [...]
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Get the Most for Your Scrap Aluminium
Aluminium is the most abundant metal on earth and is one of the most common metals used in our everyday life. Think cans, cooking utensils, doors, windows, roofs, and more. It’s also used in all forms of modern transport – cars, trucks, ships, planes, and even spacecraft! Why should this matter to you? Because there’s a good chance you’ve got some end-of-life aluminium gathering dust that you can turn into cash!
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What Items Can I Get Scrapped at the Metal Yard?
Recycling and reusing items in your home is a great way to significantly decrease your carbon footprint and help the environment. But do you know that, more than just recycling plastic containers, clothing, and newspaper, you can also make a buck for your metals? Metal yards are always on the lookout for scraps for metal […]
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Four Recycling Tips for a Sustainable Commercial Site
In the past, maintaining a good public image as a corporation was largely about offering good deals and being known as a good place to work. These days, it’s increasingly becoming more about being a good corporate citizen through running an environmentally sustainable operation and giving back to the communities in which we operate. As […]
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