Our Cookies Policy

Cookies save time and make browsing our site more efficient and enjoyable.  They simply help our site to remember your preferences and registration details for a future visit.  They only contain the information that you have shared with us and once you’ve read our privacy policy, you should feel super comfortable that we won’t be sharing your private details with anybody.

Here are two questions often asked about cookies, which should make their role on websites, including our own, clearer:

  1. Are cookies dangerous?
    No, not at all. They are small pieces of text.  They are not computer programs and they can’t be executed as code nor can they be used to spread viruses.  Search engines also allow you to set limitations on the number of cookies saved on your hard drive so you can always manage your cookie collection.
  2. Can cookies threaten my privacy?
    Nope, they cannot. They may be stored on your hard drive, but they cannot read the information saved on your hard drive and then share it with the world.

If you’re not happy to accept cookies, simply manage your cookies preferences from within your browser.  It may make your browsing experience a little more cumbersome, but you’ll be right.  You can also go and delete all cookies installed in the past when you are finished browsing.  It just means that the next time you visit our site, you’ll need to re-capture your information.

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