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We will need some information about the metal parcel/items that you want recycled to be able to give you the right price. Contact our team today for the most up-to-date info on:

  • Scrap steel prices
  • Scrap copper prices
  • Scrap catalytic converter prices
  • Scrap brass prices
  • Scrap aluminium prices
  • Scrap Stainless steel prices
  • Scrap battery prices
  • Scrap cable prices

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Not all metal is created equal. There are different metal commodities and grades, and they can differ vastly in value. Some metal items are brought in “clean”, while others are of lower quality and require cleaning, sorting and/or processing before being able to send them off to smelters. All of this is factored in when we give you a price for your metal.

All our prices are based on the London Metals Exchange, the world centre for the trading of industrial metals. The price of a commodity is a moving target and we update our prices regularly to reflect the value in global markets. We commit to giving you the highest prices within the given market conditions.

We pay you on your terms. We have three options for payment for you to choose from:

  1. You can receive an instant cash payment on delivery
  2. We can make prompt payment directly into your account via bank transfer
  3. We can set up an account which gets paid according to your requirements

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