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Trade Scrap

If you’re looking to get top prices for your trade scrap metals, you’ve come to the right place. Endless offers leading services for tradie scrap to keep your job site clear, safe, and running smoothly.

Some items that are currently brought in for recycling by tradies include:

  • Wiring
  • Copper cable
  • Copper piping
  • Brass fittings
  • Taps/faucets
  • Roofing steel
  • Copper spouting
  • Hot water cylinders
  • Gutters
  • Hand tools
  • Switchgear

Do you have an item that you would like to recycle that’s not on this list? Don’t be discouraged; if it’s metal, we will almost always accept your items for recycling. We have a few exceptions due to health and safety considerations and are unable to accept pressurised containers or hazardous, corrosive, explosive, or radioactive items. If you have metal recycling questions regarding your trade scrap, let us help you.

Do you still have trade scrap questions?

Relax. We’ve got your back.

 To get the latest pricing for your scrap metal, you can contact us by:

Our scrap metal prices are based on the international trade markets for metals and the NZD/USD exchange rate. This makes it very difficult for us to predict what prices may do in the future; only we had a crystal ball! We may not be able to see into the future, but we can and do offer you the best price available at the time of purchase.

Yes. We pay a premium for your high-grade copper cable. To get top scrap copper cable pricing, we recommend you separate your high-grade copper cable from your regular electrical cable.

If you want to get more money for your electrical cable, it pays you to cut off any plugs or attachments. You don’t have to, but the price you get paid will be reflective of how clean the material is.

If you can strip your cable safely, you’ll get paid more for your cable when you bring it in to be recycled. We pay competitive prices for unstripped cable, but if your apprentice isn’t busy it’s worth making some extra cash by stripping your cable.

No need for you to hassle with stripping your hot water cylinders. We’ll take care of that for you, and pay you for the copper content inside. The average weight of copper inside is:
135l cylinder – 8kg copper (domestic)
180l cylinder – 10kg copper (domestic)

We generally purchase tap fittings as clean brass, as long as they contain only a small amount of steel. If your scrap tap fittings are deemed to have a larger than normal amount of steel, we will still be happy to buy them off you but we will need to pay you slightly less as they require more time and effort to process.

For health and safety reasons, you will need to remove the glass from your window frames before bringing them to us. This will also make sure that you get the best price for your window frames as there is a direct cost to us to get rid of the glass and this would affect the amount we can pay you.

We don’t usually collect roof sheeting from a site because customers want more value for it than we can provide as the cost to remove it exceeds the value of the metal. You are welcome to bring it into one of our nearest drive-thru location and we’ll pay you top dollar for your roof sheeting

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