demolition scrap

What We Buy

Almost all metal is 100% recyclable so if your scrap contains metal, chances are we’ll be able to buy it from you.

Exceptions to what we can take include hazardous, corrosive, explosive or radioactive material and items like pressurized cannisters which pose a health and safety risk.

Scroll on to see if the item you are looking to recycle is listed, or contact our friendly team if you’re unsure.

Residential scrap

Do you have old whiteware or broken appliances taking up space in your home? Do you park in the street because your garage is too full? Drop your items off at one of our convenient, friendly drive thru centres and get rid of your metal junk.

Tradie scrap

If you’re keen to get back on the road as quickly as possible, pop in to one of our drive thru’s for speedy service. We accept almost all metals or metal-containing items from tradie jobs, paying you top prices for your scrap metal.

Commercial scrap

If your operation has metal waste, we have a solution for you. Whether you visit our weighbridge or need an on-site solution, you can rely on Endless Metals to take care of all your metal recycling needs.

Construction and demolition scrap

Endless Metals offers bespoke solutions for large scale construction and demolition projects. Our experienced team will help you realise revenue from metal waste, safely and efficiently.

How can we help you?

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