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Skip bin sizes

Whether you’re spring cleaning, doing a bathroom reno or landscaping your garden – we’ve got a variety of skip bin sizes to suit your needs. With Endless, no job is too big or too small. Check out our handy cheat sheet to help you select the right skip bin, or give us a call on 0800 249 854 and we’ll help you select the best bin for you.

How much waste do you have?

You can use bin size, or equivalent number of wheelie bins or trailer loads as a rough estimate

A little

wheelie bin x10 or trailer x 3

Capacity: 3m3
Length: 3360
Width: 1592
Height: 525

3m bin human comparison
A lot

wheelie bin x30 or trailer x 10

Capacity: 9m3
Length: 3674
Width: 1592
Height: 1831

9m bin human comparison
A truckload

wheelie bin x100 or trailer x 30

Capacity: 30m3
Length: 6639
Width: 2370
Height: 2532

30m bin human comparison
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Relax. We’ve got your back.

Overfilled bins are a health and safety hazard as items could fly off the top while the bin is being transported. To keep our roads safe (and to ensure we are in keeping within the law), please make sure you only fill the bin to the lip or we won’t be able to remove it.

We also have weight restrictions on our bins, depending on the type of waste and the size of bin. If you go over the weight limit, we’ll still be able to take your bin away safely but we’ll have to pass on the extra charges we incur for the additional waste.

3m bin
Waste types allowed:
General Rubbish: 500Kgs
Green Waste: 500Kgs
Hard Fill: Unlimited
9m bin v3
Waste types allowed:
General Rubbish: 1500Kgs
Green Waste: 1500Kgs
Hard Fill: Not Permitted
30m bin
Waste types allowed:
General Rubbish: 4500Kgs
Green Waste: 4500Kgs
Hard Fill: Not Permitted

We make it easy and classify your rubbish as general waste, green waste or hard fill.

General waste includes household and office clear-outs, light domestic and business waste, furniture, doors, mattresses, DIY Waste (not hard fill). Green waste can be mixed in with general waste.

Green waste includes grass, trimmings, small branches, leaves, weeds, bark, cuttings, general green organic waste. Green waste can be mixed with general waste.

Hard fill includes rock, brick, clay, concrete, tiles, soil, stone and it can’t be mixed with other waste types.

Yes you can, throw it all in and we’ll take care of it.

We advise strongly against this as the entire contents of your skip bin will get weighed as general waste and you will most likely incur some hefty fees… and who wants that right?!

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