Catalytic Converters - Sample Pictures

Sample Overhead Pictures of Catalytic Converters

When taking your overhead photo, always make sure that you have the full length of your catalytic converter in the frame (excluding the tailpipe). Always take one picture per catalytic converter so that we are able to give you the most accurate price possible.

Sample Pictures of Serial Numbers on Catalytic Converters

Serial numbers are the most accurate way to grade a catalytic converter. Not all serial numbers follow the same format – some have only letters or only numbers, while others have a combination of both letters and numbers. The serial number is usually stamped on the outer shell. You may find a few different codes/markings on a catalytic converter. If this is the case, it’s best to note them all down so that we have a better chance of identifying the catalytic converter via our database.

While not all catalytic converters have serial numbers, often the serial number is hidden beneath dirt and/or rust. Sometimes the serial number can also be faded. If you’ve found the serial number but you can’t quite make out the numbers/letters – no worries! You can pop on a pair of gloves and rub the serial number with some steel wool. You’ll find that it removes majority of the dirt/rust. If this isn’t effective, try spraying a touch of spray paint over the area – however ensure to rub it off quickly afterwards with a rag. You could also try rubbing a few drops of oil over the code and using a flash when you take your picture to make it more legible.